Price list

Translation (General, Technical)

LanguagePrice (yen)Description
Japanese to English10-15per source character
English to Japanese 18-25 per source word
Japanese to Chinese/Korean 10-15 per source character
Chinese/Korean to Japanese 11-15 per source character
French/German/Spanish/Italian to Japanese18-25per source word
English to Other than above languages18-25per source word
Language other than above to English18-25 per source word
Language other than above to Japanese20-25per source word

Official document (family register, marriage certificate, etc.)

LanguagePrice (yen)Description
Japanese to English5,000 –
English to Japanese5,000 –
Authentication 11,500including Apostille (when applicable)
Surrogate fee4,000

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Native speaker’s check / Copywriting

LanguagePrice (yen)Description
English1,200 per 180 words
Other than English2,500 per 180 words
English copywriting3,000 yen or moreNegotiable

Editing / DTP

LanguagePrice (Yen)Description
Japanese (DTP)1,200per page (up to 2 proofs)
English (DTP)1,200per page (up to 2 proofs)
Editing3,000per hour

Website localization services

LanguagePrice (yen)Description
Creation of Japanese sitefrom 50,000 –Creates Japanese site based on the existing English site. Note that in some cases it may not be possible to create an Japanese site directly based on the English. In such a case, separate creation and/or redesign charges may apply.
Not including translation fee.