Official document

Sohos provides prompt translation of many kinds of official documents. Translation of official documents sent to/from overseas must be handled properly and is an area that is best attended to by specialists in the field. Sohos draws from a deep pool of experienced translators for these tasks.

  • This service provides certified translation of documents submitted to domestic and overseas authorities.
  • Translated documents include a seal issued by Sohos attesting to the accuracy of the translation.
  • Because deadlines for submission of these kinds of documents are often very tight, Sohos has procedures in place to handle almost any request.

Official documents include immigration, marriage, overseas study, employment and other documents requested by authorities. Because these kinds of documents often include very complex or difficult phrasing, Sohos uses only those translators with extensive experience in this field.

Documents handled

Letters, family registration, resident registration, various certificates such as diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates and other official documentation.

Japanese to/from English
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