Software resource localization

English/Japanese software localization is a complex process that is made up of a number of distinct phases. Each stage in the process requires team members who have specialist skills suitable for their role in the process. To support our customers during the localization process, the Sohos team focuses primarily on translation of software resource strings.

  • Translation
    Translation of text included in the translation resource.

  • Resource string adjustment?
    Primarily concerned with double-byte to single-byte conversion issues, but also frequently involves font specification, text break adjustment, system ID tag adjustment, grammar correction in resource descriptions, and compiling/linking of resources in association with the above.

  • Menu item adjustment?
    The main task is the translation and manipulation of double-byte kana characters into single-byte characters, but this step can also require translation of expressions and compiling/linking work in association with the above.

  • Dialog box adjustment?
    Includes changing fonts, adjusting titles, static text layout size, checkbox layout size, edit box layout size and compiling/linking in association with the above.

  • Online help?
    This step involves working with localization process translation aid tools to localize the original to the target language and then using help creation tools such as RoboHelp or Web Works Publisher to create WinHelp, HTML Help or JavaHelp from FrameMaker or MS-Word documents.