Talent Pool

This section provides brief profiles of some of the highly skilled and valued translators who work with The Sohos, Ltd.

Izumi McAnally
Experience: 20 years
Expertise: Computer hardware, software and network related materials and IT-related literature
Background: Ms. McAnally began telecommuting to work with a translation company in 1990, and migrated to Perth in Australia in 1992. She has a reputation for refined sentences. Her concentration while working on tight deadlines is remarkable.

Kerl E. Beck
Experience: 21 years
Expertise: Computer, electronic devices, mobile related
Background: Since his graduation in 1984 from the Special Department of Japanese Studies at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Mr. Beck has been working as a J2E translator, handling technical literature for computer software and hardware and user and service manuals for consumer electronics. Mr. Beck’s overarching goal is to render Japanese into easy-to-understand, natural English.

Mariko Kobayashi
Experience: 17 years
Expertise: IT, general business documents
Background: After seven years working in a patent office that primarily handled foreign patent applications, while training as a translator, Ms. Kobayashi began working as a translation coordinator at a translation company. Though she feels it is quite natural to translate certain sentences in a grammatically correct and meaningful way, she also often thinks about whether such a translation is the most precise way a particular concept can be expressed. Extending that idea, to correctly impart the writer purpose she also feels it is important to try to keep in mind who the intended reader is and where and how the material will be read (or used).

Hiromi Yamamoto
Experience: 14 years
Expertise: IT, general business, PR, marketing
Background: Ms. Yamamoto began her freelance career seven years ago after working on application development at a major computer manufacturer. As time passes and she gains experience in the translation industry, her understanding of the difficulty of producing easy-to-understand Japanese has grown substantially and she has great respect for those with decades of translation experience.

Miho Nakano
Experience: 15 years
Expertise: Computers
Background: Upon graduation from university, Ms. Nakano began working in an export business selling medical devices. In conjunction with study at Fellow Academy, she later joined the manual production department of a printing company while studying translation. She then migrated to freelance translation work, which she has been doing for 15 years. Ms. Nakano has one child.

Ohko Iwaki
Experience: 10 years
Expertise: Computers, DB, ERP, SAP R/3
Background: After working as a service engineer for general-purpose machines, Ms. Iwaki joined a translation company specializing in localization and eventually moved from that position to a career as a freelance translator. From the viewpoint of on-the-job experience, she tries to consider the overall process all the way through to post-processing in order to allow the whole process to be smoothly performed, with the idea that translators working in their homes are not working in isolation and are members of a translation project team as well.

Manako Sugiyama
Experience: 10 years
Expertise: IT-related technology
Background: Ms. Sugiyama is currently engaged in translation of current events-related literature and says that her first job was the translation of child-rearing books and nursing-related material. She initially intended to work in the literature translation field but later shifted her focus to more business-oriented translation. Working as a software engineer for three years following graduation from university helped her greatly in the translation of IT-related literature. After working for a localization company as an in-house translator for three years, she migrated to New Zealand. In March 2003, she founded a translation and software development company with her husband, who has nearly 20 years software engineering experience.

Hiroshi Yamada
Experience: 11 years
Expertise: Computer hardware, software, semiconductors, telecom, mobile telecommunications
Background: After working in sales for a company that handles equipment related to electronic parts and computers,Mr. Yamada worked as an in-house translator in a corporate documentation department translating into both Japanese and English. He then moved on to freelance translation. In addition to handling translation of engineering documentation, specifications, various manuals, data sheets, and press releases into Japanese, Mr. Yamada also has experience translating Japanese literature into English and vice-versa.

Paul W. O’hare
Experience: 10 years
Expertise: Mechanical CAD, IT-related hardware/software, musical information
Background: After five years at a Japanese company as a vehicle-related design engineer, Mr. O’hare began working as a technical translator. Having lived in Japan for more than ten years, Paul is member of the Japanese Association of Translators and regularly attends meetings and conferences aimed at members of the translation community. His interests include the study of Japanese, computers, and making music. He is also fond of snowboarding, swimming, and scuba diving.

Kazushige Morota
Experience: 32 years
Expertise: IT-related hardware/software, electric/electronic and machinery
Background: In many respects a pioneer in the translation industry, Mr. Morota founded the The Sohos, Ltd. in May 1997. He says that when he started his career as a translator nearly a quarter century ago demand for J2E translation overwhelmed demand for translation in the opposite direction. Since that time, however, demand for translation into Japanese from computer-related businesses headed by IBM has changed the face of the translation industry, a decades-long trend that continues to this day. Mr. Morota believes that the demand for high quality translation into both Japanese and English has strengthened and feels that this is a natural consequence of the maturing of IT, and, further, that translation quality must continue to rise accordingly.